Relaxing holidays with children. How do you organize them?

22 JULY 2019

Relaxing holidays with children.
How do you organize them?

Family holidays on the coast and relaxation? Seemingly paradoxical as it sounds, yet it is possible. Holidays with kids may favour relaxation of the whole family – to enjoy your holiday just choose the right wellness hotel on the coast. What should you look at while choosing the hotel to stay?

Hotel close to the beach

Each parent who had to go back to get a sand shovel, favourite plushie, drink or a book left behind knows how important it is for the hotel to be located close to the beach. That makes reaching the relatively simple target: getting to the beach much easier.

Nature close at hand

Having nature close at hand favours calming down and easing up, helps get your thoughts together and deal with emotions, while for children nature is a great space to play and a welcome change from urban infrastructure. The Shuum Hotel in Kołobrzeg is surrounded by a lush garden and coastal landscape; a children’s playground blends perfectly in this environment. Both soothe the body and mind of the grown-ups and the young alike.

Spacious rooms

Big, airy, clean and well-lit rooms let you relax and find balance, just for a moment. Extra soundproofing will make you drop off sooner, sleep soundly and peacefully. It is especially important when we put children to sleep. A covered TV set does not distract young minds but boosts concentration, for example while reading bedside stories.

Tasty meals

Food preferences of the little ones are quite peculiar. No wonder each parent makes a point of children’s meals being not only tasty, but also healthy. While going on a family holiday to Kołobrzeg let’s choose a hotel whose menu caters both for the grown-ups as well as the little ones. New flavours and aromas also influence the sensation we get – it is great when the whole family can share the experience.

The restaurant in the Shuum Hotel offers not only a menu, but also cutlery and crockery for the young. Moreover, all ingredients come from trusted and reliable suppliers, from organic farms.

All for your regeneration

Hotels which offer regeneration facilities for parents and playgrounds for children support successful holidays, especially during late afternoon or when the weather does not co-operate. The chance to regenerate in the Wellness & Spa or play during animation programme will make the whole family have a good time.



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