Power of Taste

Please visit the Shuum Restaurant run in the spirit of slow life. Let yourself be amazed by special menu inspired by nature and seasons, exceptional wealth of refined tastes and remarkable care for the way dishes are served.

Sensuous pleasure of tasting, attentive eating and celebration of meals in the company of family and friends, cooking with love and respect for nature as well as support to organic farming are the values that we follow while preparing dishes for our guests.

Cuisine that stimulates senses

The à la carte restaurant in the Shuum Hotel is the place where many cultures and culinary traditions come together: an astonishing, yet unusually harmonious combination of tastes and aromas of domestic produce with ingredients from farthest corners of the world. Always served with unusual attention to minutest detail.

Go downstairs to have breakfast

Every morning our guests are invited to a healthy and delicious breakfast full of regional and organic produce. Aromatic coffee and a wide choice of teas. Special menu caters for vegans and vegetarians and well as guests on special detoxication diet. And all is served in a spacious restaurant with glass walls overlooking the seafront park.

Restaurant with values


Our daily work proves that running a restaurant and following zero waste philosophy is possible. No drinks are served in plastic bottles or straws. And our chefs offer a second life to lemon zest or compote fruits.

Selected ingredients

Organic fruit and vegetables, regional produce and always trusted suppliers. For us, taste and nutritious qualities are as important as values that are fostered by our produce suppliers.


Meeting place

Cosy atmosphere of the lobby bar in the Shuum Hotel encourages relaxation and celebration of special moments with family and friends. Relax with a cup of aromatic tea or coffee, feel a moment of chillout with a glass of wine and live music, immerse in a conversation with a good long drink or a glass of something stronger.

Wine tastings

Good wine is a story the aromas of which substitute words. Please join wine tasting events during which sommeliers from Polish Sommelier Association will introduce you to the world of wine by showing, describing, and tasting wines from all over the world. Tastings are arranged by the fireplace, in the garden, on the beach or even on board sailing vessels at sea.



Booking: +48 605 408 498

Team and successes

Meet our team for whom cooking is the art stimulating all senses.

We do believe that discovering new flavours means discovering new worlds. Therefore our dishes are composed from carefully selected produce, one of the kind both in terms of type and quality. The dishes we serve are inspired by nature that follows the rhythm of the seasons. It makes the flavors and nutritional values unique.

Our successes

1 toque in 2016 Guide

2 toques in 2017 Guide

2 toques in 2018 Guide

2 toques in 2019 Guide


Culinary Poland Cup 2014 – Runner-up
„l’Art de la cuisine Martell” 2014 – Winner


l’Art de la cuisine Martell 2015 – Highly Commanded


Chef Culinary Cup – Highly Commanded