What do you need to know before going into a sauna?

22 JULY 2019

Well – being in SPA or USING A SAUNA THE RIGHT WAY. What do you need to know before going into a sauna?

Regenerating power of warmth will help you survive heatwave and wintriness. Using a sauna the right way in summer will get your body accustomed to high temperatures and toughen it up in winter. Using a sauna regularly has also a detoxifying, or even slimming effect. Holiday on the Baltic coast is the right time to take advantage of wellness facilities.

How to use a sauna?

1. Comfort and well-being

If you are a regular user, you may stay in a sauna longer. However, if you are new to using saunas, you may leave earlier. Let your well-being be an indication of the length of stay.

2. Shower

Having a shower before going into a sauna and drying it thoroughly with a towel is worthwhile. It will stimulate the skin to sweating. You may also choose to pour warm water over your feet.

3. Time in a sauna

Remember to allow generous time for stay in a sauna. A full circle takes about 2 hours. The length of one session should be between 8 and 15 minutes. Rush while using a sauna may burden your body. Remember not to go into a sauna either hungry or after a big meal (just after you have eaten).

4. Sit or lay down on a towel

If you are lying spread the towel under your whole body. Spend the last two minutes in a sitting position to prepare blood circulation for upright position.

5. Oxygenate your body

After leaving a sauna cool down in the open, for example, by going out on the terrace. In this way you will provide your body with oxygen. Then cool your body down by having a shower, preferably by pouring water from feet to head.

6. Warm foot bath

After cooling down pour some warm water on your feet. This treatment will induce a feeling of exceptional relaxation. Using cold water again with strengthen blood vessels and boost the immune system.

7. Having a break to rest

The break should not take longer than one session in a sauna. Let your comfort and well-being be the indicator of how long the session should be.

8. Do not drink while using a sauna

Having drinks while using a sauna may considerably decrease the effect of purifying the body.

9. Repeat the pattern three times

Successive visits in the sauna should be just like the first one. Three consecutive visits should be enough to reach the desired health results.

10. Physical rest and unwinding.

To keep the healing effect do not do any sport either before or while using a sauna. However, a massage in between or just afterwards may enhance its relaxing effect even more.



How to relax to be relaxed?

Relaxation is said to be a state of mind. You can relax while sitting at a desk and work on the beach, but it is worth planning relaxation and relax consciously. You will feel its benefits sooner and for longer.

2 JULY 2019


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