Why is going on a week’s weight-loss holiday worthwhile?

10 OCTOBER 2019

Why is going on a week’s weight-loss holiday worthwhile?

Each season and each moment is right to take care of your health, shape and tone your body and boost well-being. If you feel that’s what you need, relaxation package on the coast combined with a diet plan prepared by a dietician will be your support. Weight-loss on the coast? Start with the Shuum Hotel.

Change your eating habits

Eating is a pleasure that you do not need to give up while dieting. Choose a weight-loss package which includes tasty meals made from ingredients inspired by nature. The Shuum Boutique Wellness Hotel offers tastes and flavours which stimulate senses, which are custom-tailored to your needs and which are released from produce from trusted suppliers. Thanks to this you always know what you eat.

We will support you with your resolution

A week’s weight-loss holiday in the Shuum Hotel will let you embark on the right way to a beautiful figure. Advice by a professional dietician, body mass analysis, live blood analysis, diet adapted to your needs and a joint-gentle but effective exercises will restore the mind-body balance and a visit to the SPA will ensure deep relaxation.

Physical activity

Good, custom-tailored meal plan, tasty dishes combined with physical activity and treatments supporting weight loss make weight-loss package bring visible results. You will feel better and healthier, your skin will be toned and the body will become slimmer. Weight-loss package includes: Nordic walking, aquafitness, pilates and yoga classes.

Weight loss treatments

We will take care of your body in our SPA treatment rooms where we apply treatments based on bio certified cosmetics Vitalis Dr. Joseph and organic herbs. Our weight loss package includes: toning belly massage and aromatic vital massage which enhance weight loss effect, tone skin and boost well-being.



How to relax to be relaxed?

Relaxation is said to be a state of mind. You can relax while sitting at a desk and work on the beach, but it is worth planning relaxation and relax consciously. You will feel its benefits sooner and for longer.

2 JULY 2019


A day without a screen. Why are detox and changing habits worthwhile?

Not all of us can afford to cut off the phone, tablet or the Internet, but all of us can change habits or lifestyle. Staying online too long can affect both your body and mind.

18 JUNE 2019

Pakiety ofertowe EN

Family Easter on the coast

The package includes 3 nights, 2 festal breakfasts, three five-course dinners, entry in the sauna and pool area, yoga & fitness class, live music concert.

Pakiety ofertowe EN

May Days on the coast

The package includes accommodation, healthy breakfast, five-course dinner, entry in the sauna and swimming pool area, yoga class, workshop with a sommelier or barista, and a meeting with a dietician.

Pakiety ofertowe EN

3 = 2

Discover our special offer - book 3 days and pay for 2. Extend your weekend!

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3 = 2 plus

Discover our special offer - book 3 days and pay for 2. The price is inclusive of a five-course dinner. Extend your weekend!

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5 = 4

Extend your weekend on the coast. Book five days, pay only for four.


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