Make yourself comfortable

Immerse in a conversation while sipping a glass of wine recommended by our sommelier, a cup of aromatic tea or coffee. Try a good long drink or make yourself comfortable while having a glass of something strong. Our team will be attentive to respond to all your needs.

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Tailored drinks

Catch your breath while tasting long drinks, liqueurs, cordials, meads and home made bitters or simply try one of our tailored drinks. Every month our bartenders prepare a new cocktail list which is created out of love for taste based on the natural wealth of the season.

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Take moments of repose while having home-made dessert. Delight in apple pie with crabapple mousse, chantilly cream, a leaf of chocolate and a final touch of a blot of chocolate ganache.

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Tea and coffee

Our favourite beans from the best plantations and coffee roasters all over the world are brewed in a few ways. Start afternoon relaxation with traditional coffee, chemex or drip. Try exquisite specials: mixes of teas and herbs which will balance the mind, body and soul. Delight in urtica or briar rose, use the power of hibiscus or feel the power brewed sage.

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We work in the company of cooking, tasting and exploring enthusiasts. We are not afraid of unapparent combinations or following our own paths which enables us to offer unique compositions of flavours and aromas.

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