Medical Wellness is a step towards well-being. Find out the needs of your body to take care of yourself holistically.


Power of health

Innovative examination under the watchful eye of Marzena Rypina, Ph.D. will let you find the reasons for poor condition or weak body. Take advantage of dietary advice or Traditional Chinese Medicine and enjoy the power of health.

We take pleasure in eating. While discovering new produce and combinations of flavours we can also take care of our health and well-being. Let’s eat to supply our body with energy and vital nutrients. In this way we develop healthy eating habits which will not only positively impact our body shape, but, first and foremost, strengthen our energy resources and restore the feeling of lightness.

Marzena Rypina PhD

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Food intolerance examination

Recurring headaches and migraines, unending skin problems, respiratory disorders or irritable bowel syndrome could be a sign of food intolerance. Take advantage of innovative blood analysis tests hypersensitivity to as many as 170 allergens. You will be given not only a detailed list of harmful food products but also individual dietary recommendations which will make you recover and enjoy good health.

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Live blood analysis (LBA)

Thanks to the examination inflammatory processes can be detected even before symptoms show. The analysis will indicate metabolic disorders, water-electrolyte or hormone imbalance and indicate the presence of atherosclerotic plaques, heavy metals, fungi as well as parasites and leaky gut syndrome.

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Tongue diagnosis

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine visual inspection of the tongue and its various features such as the shape, size or coating give important clues reflecting changes in the internal organs of the patient due to physiological and pathological factors. The next step is to give a diagnosis by making a reference to academic knowledge and prescribe a treatment.

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Take care of yourself

Discover full offer of examination which aims to improve your health. Marzena Rypina, PhD will let you find the reasons for poor condition or weak body and support you in changing eating habits. She will also acquaint you with natural ways of fighting certain conditions.


Wellness & Spa

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We have holistic approach to the rejuvenation of our guests. We are a team of enthusiasts of various areas of wellness philosophy and healthy lifestyle who keep expanding knowledge and skills to offer quality service and activities to guests.

Certificates and awards

We are the only out of very few hotels in Poland which has been awarded wellness premium quality certificate by a prestigious organisation Deutsche Wellness Verband, which has been supporting entities and setting standards in wellness&spa by its own certification system for 25 years now.

A total of 1500 criteria which covered all areas of the activity of the hotel were subject to evaluation, with special emphasis to wellness&spa. In order to be given a premium certificate our hotel had to meet 75 per cent of said criteria. We met 87.6 per cent, which proves top quality of our service and high standard of the hotel.