In our wellness menu you will find first of all unique, natural, manual treatments and face and body massages.


Herbal massage

Our guests’ favourite. Tailor-made all body massage including face and head using especially selected mix of herbal powders. Lavender, rosemary and sage combined with natural sesame seed and sunflower oil stimulate all senses and all-body massage relaxes and relieves stress. It is a treasure trove of unique moments of relaxation, natural care and rejuvenation. As a result you will feel the flow of energy and vital forces, restore the mind-body balance and your well-being will be enhanced.


Ayurvedic yoga massage

All body massage with herbal peeling and elements of yoga using natural oils and powders. Relieves stress, relaxes, nourishes skin and soothes the mind.



Dynamic all body massage using natural, peeling herbal powders and oils. Reduces cellulite and tones body.


Shiro Abhyanga

Oil head massage which includes also face, neck and shoulders; a combination of Ayurvedic massage and acupressure. Induces the feeling of deep relaxation, reduces stress, enhances concentration.


Hasta Abhyanga

Ayurvedic massage of lower and upper arms and hands using elements of acupressure reduces stress and relieves muscle tension.


We have holistic approach to the rejuvenation of our guests. We are a team of enthusiasts of various areas of wellness philosophy and healthy lifestyle who keep expanding knowledge and skills to offer quality service and activities to guests.

Certificates and awards

We are the only out of very few hotels in Poland which has been awarded wellness premium quality certificate by a prestigious organisation Deutsche Wellness Verband, which has been supporting entities and setting standards in wellness&spa by its own certification system for 25 years now.

A total of 1500 criteria which covered all areas of the activity of the hotel were subject to evaluation, with special emphasis to wellness&spa. In order to be given a premium certificate our hotel had to meet 75 per cent of said criteria. We met 87.6 per cent, which proves top quality of our service and high standard of the hotel.